Chris, Benoit and Stéphane at our mushroom farm

What is Helsieni?

Circular economy and urban farming

The founders of Helsieni do not understand the word ‘waste‘. Their grey brain cells have a disorder that always turns this word into ‘mushroom‘. This could be considered as a handicap, but they decided to see it as an opportunity. Thus Helsieni was born, with a core mission of cultivating mushrooms on what others call ‘waste’ (used coffee grounds, agro-industrial byproducts, or other un-utilized nutrient streams).

Helsieni does not build big factories. We believe that people should learn how to produce mushrooms at home, from their own coffee grounds. For that purpose, Helsieni provides people and companies with highly efficient low-tech solutions.

Our team

Chris Holtslag

Chief Coffee Waste Cyclist

Left in the photo

Chris enjoys creating stuff, from companies to jazz bands. He is the Flying Dutch Designer, cycling around Helsinki. To fuel up he eats spicy food, Indian or Latin-American: Ay caramba!

Favorite mushroom dish: Mushroom ceviche

+358 404712738

Stéphane Poirié


Right in the photo

When he is not busy tasting Chris’ yummy lunches, Stéphane is a loud mushroom engineer, an organic electrical grower, an enthusiastic chicken saxophonist as well as a happy jazz farmer.

Favorite mushroom dish: Mushroom burger

+358 449837274

Benoit Mantel

Mushroom Business

In the middle in the photo

Benoit is bringing Helsieni international.


Pinja Juvonen

Product development & communications

Pinja nauttii kulinaarista elämyksistä, sateisen metsän tuoksusta ja excel-taulukoiden käytännöllisyydestä.

Paras osterivinokas-ruoka: Sienirisotto

Office & Farm

Our office is literally one minute away from Kera train station by foot – by train about 15 minutes from Helsinki Central Railway Station. The mushroom farm is in two sea containers just outside of our office. Here you can also agree to pick up your webstore orders, such as mushroom bed materials.