Fresh oyster mushrooms

Fresh mushrooms – delicious local food!

Our oyster mushrooms are available all year round! In the Helsinki metropolitan area, you can enjoy Helsieni’s fresh oyster mushroom grown in Espoo. The mushrooms are best when freshly harvested, but they last in the refrigerator for at least 10 days. Our selection also includes other fresh seasonal mushrooms.

Helsieni’s mushrooms bring to mind many things: always fresh, they store well and most importantly: delicious. I admire the passion of the growers, which is reflected in the quality.

Henri Alén, Ultima Restaurant

Where to find fresh Helsieni mushrooms

A bag of oyster mushrooms

REKO local food groups

Join the REKO group of your district in Finland on Facebook! Products are ordered directly from the producer through groups. We are involved in several REKOs. If you can’t find us in your area, write to us at

A bag of oyster mushrooms

Uudenmaan ruoka foodhub

Orders are delivered every week to the pick-up point of your choice, where you can pick up your product at a time that suits you. Uudenmaan ruoka is an online food marketplace, foodhub, where you can buy food directly from local producers.

A bag of oyster mushrooms

K supermarkets

Helsieni oyster mushrooms can be found in selected grocery stores, such as K-Citymarket Ruoholahti and K-Supermarket Mankkaa. Ask the retailer to include Helsieni oyster mushrooms in your local store!

Seasonal specialties

Fresh shiitake mushrooms


Shiitake is a prized mushroom whose fine umami flavour unmatched in the mushroom kingdom.

Fresh Lion's Mane mushrooms

Lion’s Mane

The gourmet mushroom Lion’s Mane has a soft structure and a seafood-like taste.

Fresh Yellow Oyster mushrooms

Yellow Oyster

Yellow oyster mushrooms are smaller but have a more intense flavour than oyster mushrooms.

Dried yellowfoot, shiitake and oyster mushrooms

Dried mushrooms

We dry the mushrooms we grow when the harvest has been particularly abundant. Drying is one of the best ways to preserve mushrooms and it even increases their umami flavour. Dried mushrooms save your busy day and do not take up much space – 100 g of dried mushrooms is equivalent to almost 1 kg of fresh mushrooms! See the selection in our online store.

Sienijerky slices

Mushroom jerky

Mushroom jerky is a salty snack made of oyster mushrooms that tastes great alongside a cold drink. Chew a few pieces for an easy snack or take it out for a picnic – it is super light to carry!

The mushroom jerky is hand-made at the Helsieni Farm in Espoo.

For food professionals

Oyster mushroom crate

Oyster mushroom

2 kg / crate

Fresh shiitake


3 kg / crate

Yellow oyster crate

Yellow Oyster

1,5 kg / crate

We supply first-class fresh mushrooms for chefs, restaurants and catering services. We can supply seasonal mushrooms on request.

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