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How to grow oyster mushrooms at home

Mix spawn to fresh coffee grounds inside a clean Growkit.


Disinfect the Growkit and the lid. Mix the contents of the spawnbag with fresh coffee grounds. Close the kit.

Add fresh coffee grounds when previous is covered in white.


When the coffee is covered in white, add new coffee. Repeat until the Growkit is full.

Harvest oyster mushrooms when ready.


When the mushrooms push through the tape, mist them frequently for 4-7 days. Harvest by turning the whole cluster.

Mushroom growing is pretty simple!

You only need fresh grounds from your morning coffee and a Helsieni Growkit. The kit includes a growing box, breathable tape and some spawn. If you already have a container suitable for growing the Helsieni Starter Kit is for you. This mushroom is suitable to grow indoors and converts coffee grounds into tasty oyster mushrooms!

Repurposed Containers

Our Growkits are made of repurposed dairy containers from Arkea ja UniCafe restaurants.

Made in Finland

All our products are made in Finland.


You can restart your Growkit many times.

Hyper-local food!

Helsieni grows oyster mushrooms in two shipping containers in Kera, Espoo. You can find our fresh mushrooms in REKO local food circuits in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, through the Uudenmaan ruoka foodhub and in K-Citymarket Ruoholahti and K-Supermarket Mankkaa. Through REKO and Uudenmaan ruoka you can buy food directly from the producers.

Interested in outdoor mushroom cultivation?

Helsieni also provides everything you need for growing mushrooms outside.

Our selection includes dowels to inoculate wood logs and stumps. You can choose to grow a variety of mushrooms from the classic shiitake to the extraordinary coral tooth fungus.

The most reliable and easy way to grow mushrooms outdoors is making a mushroom bed. It consists of spent substrate that has already produced oyster mushrooms. You can purchase and pick up spent substrate at Helsieni farm in Espoo.

Delicious Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)

has a soft and sweet taste and a firm texture. They are naturally high in anti-oxidants, contain lots of minerals and vitamins and contribute to a healthy diet. Explore our recipes and start cooking!