Grow mushrooms at home

Growing delicious oyster mushrooms indoors

In this Helsieni workshop you will learn how to get a mushroom harvest all year round. In the workshop we will prepare oyster mushroom substrate and fill Growkits. You will take home the Growkit you filled up, so you can follow the growth of mycelium and fungi from start to finish. We also go through the basic biology of fungi and give tips on growing oyster mushrooms at home.

Mushroom workshop for kids

A fun way to learn about mushrooms and watch them grow

This course introduces children to the fascinating world of mushrooms and explains their role in our ecosystem. After a short theoretical part, we get to inoculating oyster mushrooms in toilet paper rolls. Each participant marks their creations to take home or leave in the classroom and can follow the growth of the mycelium. After a few weeks oyster mushrooms will magically grow out from the roll!

Growing mushrooms in your garden

Different varieties can be grown outdoors

Do you have a balcony, yard, summer house or forest? In this workshop we will demonstrate different ways to grow mushrooms outside and each participant gets to make their own mushroom log.  We also cover the biology of fungi that will give you a better understanding of the factors that affect the growing of mushrooms.

Mushroom business

Do you want to start a mushroom farm?

We share our experience, knowledge and numbers of growing oyster mushrooms on a low-tech way on a commercial scale within the Finnish context. This workshop will help you understand the various elements of running a small mushroom enterprise. We also offer consulting on this topic.

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