The Helsieni Growkit

Helsieni Growkit

The Helsieni Growkit contains everything you need to start growing mushrooms on your coffee.

How to make your own Mushroom Growkit

If you have purchased the Helsieni Starter kit, you need to make a growing container, or “Growkit”. Below we show you how to do it:

Make holes


Cut tape


Cover holes

We recommend to make about 1 hole / 1,5 liter. As a general rule, you get more mushrooms the bigger your container is.


Restarting your Growkit

After you had 2 or 3 batches of fresh oyster mushrooms, your kit will not produce mushrooms. Take the whole substrate out of your Growkit and put it onto a clean plate. Select a good-looking 20% and cut it into pieces. Clean your Growkit, close the holes with breathing tape (available from your local pharmacy), then sterilize it. Put the cut substrate in the box with a bit of water. Wait for 2 days for the mycelium to start growing again. Now you can start feeding it again with coffee! You can put the remaining 80% of the substrate in the compost or organic waste. You can even leave it in some humid corner of your garden, it might still produce some mushrooms!

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