OSCE Days Helsinki 2016 – Growfridge

We had our first public appearance with our open-source Mushroom Growing Fridge aka ‘Growfridge’ at the Open Source Circular Economy Days Helsinki 2016. What is a Growfridge? A growfridge is a micro-mushroom farm. The main component is a refrigerator. This is retro-fitted to create optimal growing conditions for mushrooms to grow and fruit. With this […]

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Vegfest Tampere! 21-22 May

Helsieni will travel up north to Tampere for the biggest vegeterian/vegan food festival in Finland, VegFest! This year it will be held on May 21st & 22nd on the Tampere Central Square. Come and taste our home-made mushroom pies or sihis (a vegan version of the popular Finnish snack: Lihis)! You can also buy a […]

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Helsieni visits RotterZwam

We reached another milestone with Helsieni: we graduated from the Master Program: “Growing Edible Mushrooms”! The founders of RotterZwam in the Netherlands offer an intensive 4-day training program in which Sini and StĂ©phane learned everything there is to know about growing mushrooms in an urban environment. Chris and Lilli also joined the beginning and the end […]

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