OSCE Days Helsinki 2016 – Growfridge

We had our first public appearance with our open-source Mushroom Growing Fridge aka ‘Growfridge’ at the Open Source Circular Economy Days Helsinki 2016. What is a Growfridge? A growfridge is a micro-mushroom farm. The main component is a refrigerator. This is retro-fitted to create optimal growing conditions for mushrooms to grow and fruit. With this […]

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Vegfest Tampere! 21-22 May

Helsieni will travel up north to Tampere for the biggest vegeterian/vegan food festival in Finland, VegFest! This year it will be held on May 21st & 22nd on the Tampere Central Square. Come and taste our home-made mushroom pies or sihis (a vegan version of the popular Finnish snack: Lihis)! You can also buy a […]

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Helsieni visits RotterZwam

We reached another milestone with Helsieni: we graduated from the Master Program: “Growing Edible Mushrooms”! The founders of RotterZwam in the Netherlands offer an intensive 4-day training program in which Sini and Stéphane learned everything there is to know about growing mushrooms in an urban environment. Chris and Lilli also joined the beginning and the end […]

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