OSCE Days Helsinki 2016 – Growfridge

We had our first public appearance with our open-source Mushroom Growing Fridge aka ‘Growfridge’ at the Open Source Circular Economy Days Helsinki 2016.


What is a Growfridge?

A growfridge is a micro-mushroom farm. The main component is a refrigerator. This is retro-fitted to create optimal growing conditions for mushrooms to grow and fruit. With this “Growfridge” you can have a growing and fruiting room to cultivate up to 3 kg of fresh oyster mushrooms per month at home.

The workshop consisted of drilling holes in the fridge for air-exchange and installing a CPU-fan, a humidifier, a lamp and hygro/thermometers.


  • a refrigerator with 2 compartments
  • an ultrasonic humidifier (we used a Trixie Fogger XL)
  • a water-proof lamp
  • a hygro/thermometer
  • a CPU-fan (12V, about 0,1A)
  • an adapter 230AC – 12DC
  • 3 timers

Before the workshop we connected the CPU-fans to the adapter to make them run on 230 AC.

Making holes

We drilled holes in the fridge and filed them so that there were no sharp edges. We then added white heavy duty duct-tape to make the holes waterproof.

Installing Components

We fixed all the components in the holes and sealed them with more duct-tape where necessary. We also made some holes in the humidifier’s exhaust pipe.

The project is under construction, but please let us know if you are interested in helping to develop this product.

Thanks for reading!

 The Helsieni Team