Fill Your Own Growkit Workshop

Helsieni offers mushroom cultivation workshops. The best way to learn is to do it! In these workshops you get hands on experience and practical tips on how to grow mushrooms at home.

In the Fill Your Own Growkit Workshop we will teach you about cultivating oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds. We will make the Helsieni substrate mix that we also use in our farm of coffee, oat husks and oyster mushroom spawn.  Each participant can take home the Growkit which they have filled themselves. All you have to do is wait until mushrooms come out!


  • Reception & Introduction
  • A brief review of mushroom cultivation theory
  • Preparing the substrate mix
  • Inoculation of the substrate & preparing of Growkits


Helsieni Workshop Schedule Autumn 2017

Date Place Time
6.10.2017 Helsinki 17.00 – 19.00 Fill-your-own-Growkit
19.10.2017 Helsinki 15.00 – 17.00 Fill-your-own-Growkit

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An unforgettable team building experience?

Spend a great day with your friends, arrange a team building session with colleagues or celebrate a special day with family by learning how to grow mushrooms on coffee grounds! For group workshops we can come to your desired location on a time that suits your schedule. If you are interested in participating in a workshop with a group, please contact us at!

Custom Program

Helsieni offers tailored programs to suit your needs for a journey into the world of mushrooms:

  • A guided tour of our farm
  • Discovering the fabulous world of mushrooms
  • Fill-Your-Own Mushroom Growkit
  • Tasting of our mushrooms
  • A mushroom-based meal

Our offers

The Classic Tour | 1h – A guided tour of our farm.
The Discover Package | 1,5h – A guided tour of our farm and presentation about the cultivation of mushrooms. Also we will explain about other inspiring mushroom applications. Every participant will get a Helsieni Starter Kit to take home.
The Do-It-Yourself Package | 2h – A guided tour of the farm, presentation about mushroom cultivation and biology and a hands-on workshop where each participant fills their own Growkit, which they can take home.

After each package it is possible to continue to have an oyster mushroom based meal and at Café Carusel.


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