The Helsieni Urban Mushroom Farm

The Helsieni Urban Mushroom farm currently consists of two ex-Reefer shipping containers situated on the parking lot of Hernesaarenranta 3, across the street from Löyly, one of our two coffee waste suppliers. We have built and designed the farm for sporeless oyster mushroom  (Pleurotus Ostreatus) production. The total output capacity is around 200kg of mushrooms per month.

What we do

Every year around the world millions of tonnes of  coffee waste are sent to the incinerator or landfill. Coffee grounds, however, are an excellent source of nutrients and perfect for growing mushrooms. The coffee making process sterilizes the grounds and if used fresh they don’t require additional treatment.

Helsieni grows oyster mushrooms on Helsinki’s coffee waste and aims to be part of the city’s sustainable food ecosystem.


Oyster Mushrooms 

Oyster mushrooms require very little water and energy to grow and because they are rich in proteins and amino-acids they are very healthy. If you would like to purchase our mushrooms, please get in touch!

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Spent substrate

Our substrate is food for many organisms in nature like plants, worms and even insects. We produce about 150 kg a week of this stuff and we give it away for free! The benefits of using spent mushroom substrate are:

  • During the first season it might still give mushrooms!
  • Great for mulching your plants.
  • High quality fertilizer, rich in N and P.
  • Helps build a healthy population of micro-organisms and worms in your soil.

You can come by anytime and pick up as much as you want. If you would like to have a big bag (1m3) delivered, please get in touch!