About Us

The founders of Helsieni do not understand the word ‘waste‘. Their grey brain cells have a disorder that always turns this word into ‘mushroom‘. This could be considered as a handicap, but they decided to see it as an opportunity. Thus Helsieni was born, with a core mission of cultivating mushrooms on what others call ‘waste’ (used coffee grounds, agro-industrial byproducts, or other un-utilized nutrient streams).

Helsieni does not build big factories. We believe that people should learn how to produce mushrooms at home, from their own coffee grounds. For that purpose, Helsieni provides people and companies with highly efficient low-tech solutions.


Stéphane Poirié


When he is not busy tasting Chris’ yummy lunches, Stéphane is a loud mushroom engineer, an organic electrical grower, an enthusiastic chicken saxophonist as well as a happy jazz farmer.

Favorite mushroom dish: Mushroom burger

Chris Holtslag

Chief Coffee Waste Cyclist

Chris enjoys creating stuff, from companies to jazz bands. He is the Flying Dutch Designer, cycling around Helsinki. To fuel up he eats spicy food, Indian or Latin-American: Ay caramba!

Favorite mushroom dish: Mushroom ceviche

Helsieni is supported by


Sini Ilmonen

Circular Economy Expert

Sini finds her passion in circular economy and sustainable way of living. Mushrooms and connection to nature have been fascinating her as long as she can remember. Sini enjoys being in the forest in every season with her Vilja dog.

Favorite mushroom dish: Spicy oyster mushrooms with noodles


Lilli Linkola

Mycelium network

A true mushroom lover. Sees mycelium as one of the solutions in future.

Favorite mushroom dish: Szechuan style oysters

Miina Rautiainen

Master of Sihis

Miina is a journalist and engineer, crafter, forest lover,  juicemaker, and full of mushroomy ideas.

Favorite mushroom dish: Fried oyster mushrooms with a pinch of salt


Joonas Hoikkala

Production Engineer

Joonas would prefer being offshore surfing, under the sea with diving tanks on his back or just for fun. On land this environmental scientist fills notebooks with drawings of his own theories, plans, and sometimes even mushrooms!

Favorite mushroom dish: Fast fried oyster mushroom with fresh herbs

Lorin von Longo-Liebenstein

Mushroom Agent

Lorin is a full-time mushroom nerd and has been working in the field of mycology for quite some years. If you want to know something about mushrooms just start talking to him, he will start talking about them by himself. As soon as the mushroom season starts you will find him in the woods and the rest of the year in his lab.

Favorite mushroom dish: Parasol Schnitzel

Jussi Aav

Doctor Mushroom

Orest Lazepka

Mushroom Metalhead

Orest does not talk about urban agriculture, he’s doing it!

Javier Mansilla

FungIT Support

Javi’s mind is into computers, his heart is in the forest.

Benoit Mantel

Mushroom Business

Benoit is bringing Helsieni international.